I will conquer

By Poelo. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder last year, but looking back my journey with both illnesses started a long time ago. I remember in high school I would have this blinding migraine headaches and consulted a doctor who said my anxiety is the main cause of my headaches. When I went to University I developed a sort of perfectionist habit. I was a top student and that caused me to even be more anxious than ever. Last year while doing my final year, I told my mom I wanted to deregister. Both of us did not understand why I wanted to deregister in my final year of study. I remember just having a sense of hopelessness spoke to my lecturer about it. I eventually went to a psychologist who referred me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with depression and anxiety disorder. To this day I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and depression at the age of 24. I am grateful for my mom for her support. I will conquer.